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The Marigold Pickers

Marigolds are picked, made into garlands and offered to the Gods. Here is is an orange field full of marigolds with a group of farmers and farmhands harvesting them.

12 X 18 print, framed to 18 x 24

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Karnataka, India

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Marigold Pickers The Maritime Republic Central Fountain
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Boardwalk Pedestrian Bridge Mali Prstavac Waterfalls Red Barn
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Two Atlantic Puffin Atlantic Puffin On the Rocks
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Backdrop Cat on a Cool Cement Roof Colorful Klima
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Lazy Lagoon End of Season Heart of Stone
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Naples Fish Market Oran Farmers Market Facebook Please
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Marketplace Loaves of Bread Red Morph Eastern Screech Owl Killdeer Fluffing its Feathers
The Snow Melts Slowly, Iceland    
The Snow Melts Slowly

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